this is so dumb. how is michaela evil??? pls name me one thing she has done with purely bad intentions???? then even as she was accomplice to a murder she just sat in the corner crying and freaking out, while wes and laurel were calm and connor berated her for being upset. and then connor as neutral?? in this past episode he used a dude for information which led to his suicide. as soon as he saw that he had fucked michaela’s bae he rubbed it in her face OVER AND OVER AGAIN just to make her upset. how is that not PURELY evil?? he led oliver on, he continues to call wes ‘waitlist’ for some odd reason, i’m not sure he’s ever made eye contact with laurel…need i go on? michaela and connor’s should be switched. (via mibaelapratt)

Somebody please explain how Michaela is Neutral Evil and Connor is not. Are we forgetting that he sexually manipulated Oliver the very first time he met him or are we supposed to be stuck in Coliver feelz? Connor is quintessential Neutral Evil. (via kyssthis16)

Right… Michaela…. the only black girl gets the label with “evil” attached to her. You know damn well Connor should be in the same fuckin category as Michaela, especially since his actions in the previous episode contributed to someone’s suicide. How predictable.
#some ol’ bullshit #y’all stay gassing connor up #like he be doing more shit than Michaela to earn that title #fuck out of here (via flawlesstitties)

We wanted to comment on the pasty, ugly filter used for Wes; but these commentaries are way better. Fuck this gifset.

thank you

i mean i think it’s debatable whether connor is neutral or evil, because most of the things he does are for his own benefit rather than being actively malicious, and only some of the things (see: his behavior towards michaela in 1x03) are deliberately to hurt other people, which is closer to evil than anything else

it’s more that he’s indifferent to other people’s interests than anything, and you can argue whether that makes him neutral or evil; i tend to think he’s somewhere in between. i think he’s an ambiguous case and i would tend to classify him as neutral because he’s not generally set on causing other people pain except when he thinks it benefits him (but you could just as easily classify that as evil, so)

but michaela is hardcore lawful neutral and i will brook no argument. if you don’t think she’s lawful you’re watching a different show than me and, unlike laurel or wes, she doesn’t express any moral perspective on any of the cases or things they do — she just is terrified for what it means for her life

honestly saying that michaela is evil when connor is neutral is probably fucking racist and really shitty besides because she has done far fewer evil or morally ambiguous acts than connor in the course of the show. there is no evidence for this so p much the only justification for it is racism. bye. fuck you

also i agree that the filter for wes is shit

American Horror Story: Ferguson

Tyler Posey Celebrates 23rd Birthday in Vegas!

Tyler Posey Celebrates 23rd Birthday in Vegas!

"I’m going to take care of you, Momma.
You don’t have to worry about nothin’ anymore, I promise.
They want me! They want me!”



"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

i should out my blanket in the wash but wow the washer is so far away from my bed and then i gotta go back down later and put it in the dryer. ugh, energy.

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